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Linux Following up on their tests to work out which Linux distribution works best for business, ZDNet has taken a look at the wider issue of whether or not Linux is actually ready to replace Windows on the majority of Windows desktops.
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RE[14]: Re: Not Gnome
by llanitedave on Tue 29th Nov 2005 21:08 UTC in reply to "RE[13]: Re: Not Gnome"
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"- You do realize that the stuff I brought up in around 15000 chars (the lengthy reply given by me that people keep moderating down because they can't deal with criticism) is showing frustrations of the GNOME desktop right ?

- You should by now be realizing that the community related problems, as well as the problems related to contributing GNOME wasn't just cut out of my arse - yes ?

- You realize that the stuff written by me was written out of the past 6 years of personal own experience right ?

So why do you keep defending GNOME and writing out of your arse ? And why do and your fake account morons keep coming here moderating serious and valuable comments down ? What benefits do you have getting GNOME everywhere on the Desktop but sitting at home feeling pissed off (as most GNOMERS do feel pissed) because half of their shit is working and the other half not. "

My account's not fake, and *I* modded you down. Why? because you were totally off topic on your rant. It may be valid, but not for the article posted. The article was about Linux vs Windows, not GNOME vs KDE. They picked GNOME, for whatever reason, and compared it with a WINDOWS environment. For you to go off on the KDE/Gnome rant, and then whine about your shabby treatment at the hands of GNOME developers (apparently, they ALL treated you badly. That sounds very doubtful to me -- unless there was some involvement on your end as well)had absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand.

If you want to write a long article about your troubles, by all means do so and submit it to any site you like. Maybe some will post it. Maybe then we can all bitch to our heart's content about our favorite and most hated desktops.

But not as a reply to a totally unrelated article. When congress does that to a law, they call it a "rider." It's usually a sneaky way to get a bad law attached to something more desirable. Don't do that here.

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