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Linux "I did not write this to say that people who do not know much about computers need to be told what to do, or to assert that Windows is not a good OS for casual users, but rather to point out that Linux is a great choice for this. Advances in desktop Linux have made it a perfect choice for casual and beginning users who don't necessarily have to (or want to) put up with Windows. Whether this is done for ease of use, to save on licensing fees, or to be able to make the best out of an old computer, it makes sense."
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RE: Best OS for a beginning....
by Ringheims Auto on Tue 29th Nov 2005 21:17 UTC in reply to "Best OS for a beginning...."
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2005-07-23 the OS that their friends run. Because, it's going to be those friends that get stuck answering the countless questions during the first several weeks.

This is so true. A friend of mine, who's not into computers at all, used mine for a while until she got an ibook. I use XFCE on mine, and she thought that was easier, and there were more "clear lines" than os x. Me I suspect this was mostly because of habit, and it illustrates how people don't like to switch to something else once they've got used to something. This also applied to me, cause I had to be the admin of this machine for a while, and for a GNU/Linux guy OS X is not always that easy to figure out (fx the weirdo folder-structure... I still don't get it).

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