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Mac OS X Move your application from CodeWarrior to Xcode and be ready for Intel-based Macs. It's easier than you may think, and this article gets you started.
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RE: that's only Apple marketing.
by tyrione on Wed 30th Nov 2005 12:52 UTC in reply to "that's only Apple marketing."
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Hate to pee in your wheaties but OS X is built using Xcode. Openstep and NeXTSTEP used Project Builder to build the operating system.

The internal build system for an Operating System being different than an application, one does take into account the tools to build the kernel so on and so forth that are not actually part of Xcode but are custom to Apple, as par for the course.

However, if you think Final Cut Pro or any Apple Development or App specific application to be small then I'd love to see your project.

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