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Morphos "Genesi is pleased to announce the development of the 4U2 sub-laptop based on the EFIKA 5K2 reference design and the Freescale MPC5200B. The 4U2 will be produced in Asia and be available in Q2 2006. The 4U2 board can be deployed in a variety of configurations and uses and includes both mobile and WIFI wireless capability." More here. The price will be $299 (EUR 255), but may drop if demand is great enough.
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RE: video?
by the_leander on Wed 30th Nov 2005 13:20 UTC in reply to "video?"
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Don't mistake MacOS's poor performance for it being a slow cpu (it is a slow cpu, but not *that* slow). A G3 has more then enough giddieup for watching movies.

Hell, you can watch DVD's on a 604 with barely a frame dropped, a G3 should have no issues.

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