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Java There is an object relational mapper out there that is a hidden gem. Instead of creating a full domain model, its job is to map Java objects directly to SQL statements. This framework is called iBatis, and its goal is to implement 80% of the JDBC boilerplate code you would otherwise have to do yourself. In addition, it provides a simple mapping and API layer that lets developers quickly develop data access code. This article explains how iBatis can help you.
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Spring and iBatis
by gmlongo on Wed 30th Nov 2005 17:48 UTC
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Spring provides iBatis support out of the box and the combination of the two is excellent. The main benefit that iBatis gives you is the ability to still have access to your SQL. This allows for performance improvements and developers with basic SQL skills can instantly be productive. iBatis stores the SQL in an external file, so it is not sprinkled throughout your java code. And of course, all of the mapping between your SQL and your java objects is in this same external file. Makes for a pretty clean separation...


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