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Morphos "Genesi is pleased to announce the development of the 4U2 sub-laptop based on the EFIKA 5K2 reference design and the Freescale MPC5200B. The 4U2 will be produced in Asia and be available in Q2 2006. The 4U2 board can be deployed in a variety of configurations and uses and includes both mobile and WIFI wireless capability." More here. The price will be $299 (EUR 255), but may drop if demand is great enough.
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Regarding price at 100 US $:

According to a statement by Bill Buck and Raquel Velasco, on forum site, the price of BASIC CONFIGURATION of Efika5k2-4U2 could be:

Equal or less than 100 US $ including keyboard and mouse if a quite normal TV set is used as a monitor...

You can find it here:


In the words of Gerald [[Gerald Carda hardware guru of Pegasos -NdR-]], the base board in a basic configuration can be the $100 computer using a television set as the monitor and including the keyboard and mouse. Of course, more expensive models can be designed from the same board.

[end of quoting]


Regarding CPU clock speed:

Also if I remember well, Motorola/Freescale announced some time ago that there are plans to rise clock speed of MPC5200B CPU family upto 600 MHz.

600 MHz on a PPC CPU based computer (expecially running Amiga like OSes like AOS 4.0 or MorphOS which are known to require low hardware resources) then it could be a very decent clock speed for anyday productivity, surf the web, watch DVB-T Digital Television, play DVDs (and maybe even some games).

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