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Windows Microsft has made hard statements about perfomance improvements in Longhorn. They claim that applications will load 15% faster than in XP, while boot time is decreased by 50%. They also claimed that Longhorn will be able to wake up from sleep in 2 seconds. Users should also expect half as many reboots during patching. Time to dust of those trustworthy stopwatches.
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RE[2]: We'll see...
by abraxas on Wed 20th Jul 2005 12:53 UTC in reply to "RE: We'll see..."
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It's also very easy to sit there and bash something you've never seen or used.

It's also impossible to defend something that you have never used or seen because it does not exist yet (in anything other than pre-beta form).

I have no love for M$, but given the quantum leap XP was over it's predecessors, I'm willing to give them the benefit of a doubt...

Quantum leap? XP is nothing more than 2000 with a few added features, basically a point release. 2000 is an evolution of NT. Where exactly is the quantum leap you speak of? The same basic OS has been around for 10 years.

Especially with the 'alternatives' coming up way short in most arenas I consider important. Font Rendering (Cleartype kicks EVERYTHING else's ass, ESPECIALLY freetype)

Whoa, slow down. Have you ever used Linux? I can never believe when people continue to bitch about fonts in Linux. There is nothing wrong with the fonts in Linux anymore. In fact I can never quite get the fonts in Windows to look as good as the ones in Linux, so please stop using an argument that has been dead for years now.

available applications,

Like what? Games? Most people don't care about games. If there is something else you are sorely missing then why don't you name it specifically?

ease of hardware changes

Changing hardware is actually easier. Drivers are really the only thing you have to worry about and they are built into the Linux kernel. You shouldn't have to touch a thing. With Windows on the other hand you have to install the drivers off of a CD or from the internet.

and cost

This one just makes me laugh. I can't possibley see how $85 is less than $0.

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