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Windows "With Windows Vista, the Media Center functions will be built into the "Home Premium" and "Ultimate" editions, which will probably quadruple its installed base in no time flat. We all know Windows Vista will cause a huge change in the way the desktop looks and feels, and MCE is getting a similar face-lift." More at ExtremeTech.
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by thavith_osn on Wed 30th Nov 2005 19:42 UTC
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I'm not a fan generally of stuff MS does. They seem bent of designing things in an awkward kind of way. Apple on the other hand seem to have this worked out (for the most part), and create things in a more intuative way, almost anti-geek way :-)

Having said that, I think Media Center is one place where MS have done the Apple thing and created a simple, good looking (imo) interface. I understand because they don't own the h/w that it can struggle sometimes to work as nicely as you'd like, but overall I give MS the gold star for this one. I love how this time Apple's Front Row has a very Media Center feel to it.

I saw some screenshots of MC about a month or so ago and was worried that they'd lost the plot, but it seems my concerns have been removed.

I think the main advantage Apple will have over the coming months when Front Row ][ is released will be the h/w that comes with it and how it intergrates with that. MS's main advantage will be most other vendors will ship with MC. I really need to check out the offerings in the Linux world, last time I looked, their were some very good alt. Interesting times a head.

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