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OSNews, Generic OSes Visopsys 0.6 introduces a host of new functionality including a cleaned up desktop with icons for browsing the computer, file systems, and administrative tasks, FAT defragmenting, ELF dynamic linking, a built in chain-boot loader and simple MBR formatting, file browsing widgets and dialogs, Windows .ico icon file support, a generic file viewing program, Italian keyboard support, new icons and a new splash screen.
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RE: Network support
by andymc on Thu 1st Dec 2005 02:13 UTC in reply to "Network support"
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Hah! Of course. There are some foundations in 0.6 (DHCP, UDP, ICMP bits) but not enough hardware support and it's not ready to be featured yet, so it's disabled by default for now. Hopefully there'll be at least telnet and FTP clients in the next couple of releases, at least for proof-of-concept sake.

Don't get me started on networking RFCs. What a way to spend a weekend.

(Symantec pays me to work on Veritas Volume Manager during the week -- Linux paritioning and root disk encapsulation, that's me).


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