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OSNews, Generic OSes Visopsys 0.6 introduces a host of new functionality including a cleaned up desktop with icons for browsing the computer, file systems, and administrative tasks, FAT defragmenting, ELF dynamic linking, a built in chain-boot loader and simple MBR formatting, file browsing widgets and dialogs, Windows .ico icon file support, a generic file viewing program, Italian keyboard support, new icons and a new splash screen.
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by Anonymous on Thu 1st Dec 2005 14:36 UTC
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I have been following siopsys for about 2.5 years and it just amazes me. I love seeing what this man can do. I dont care that it doesnt have all the features. It is just awsome with the fact that he actualy can and does do these things. I follow this stuff as a hobby. I dont think anyone expects visopsys to be the 5th major os (MS, Mac, Linux, and unix). However it is great that there are people out there who are still intereseted in os development. Thats just great. It has had a partion on my heard drive now for a year and a half. Though only a 500mb partition its still there. Then again i try to have a space for every os i can find.

Keep up the great work and hopefully one day all that knowlege and skill you have gained will come in use and land you a killer career.

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