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Intel "Although we didn't consider it as such here today, Yonah will be quite impressive on notebooks. The thought of having such a cool running dual core processor in a notebook is honestly amazing, and the performance difference (especially for multitaskers) over what we have today will be significant. The other thing to keep in mind is that when you go from a single core to a dual core Pentium M notebook, you won't be giving up anything at all. On the desktop side, you normally give up clock speed for dual core support, but Yonah will be running at very similar frequencies to what Dothan is running at today. In other words, you won't be giving up single threaded performance in favor of multi-threaded performance - you'll get the whole package."
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RE: Power consumption
by MightyPenguin on Thu 1st Dec 2005 21:03 UTC
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I wonder if anyone's tried to put 4 4gb or 8gb flash cards in a laptop in place of the HD? That would have to save you a ton of power and make things blindingly fast as well. For business users that would probably be enough storage if you don't need tons of software installed. Obvously this would be somewhat expensive ;)

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