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FreeBSD On Tuesday, code-analysis software maker Coverity announced that its automated bug finding tool had analyzed the community-built operating system FreeBSD and flagged 306 potential software flaws, or about one issue for every 4,000 lines of code. The low number of flaws found by the system underscores that FreeBSD's manual auditing by project members has reduced the vulnerabilities in the operating system, said Seth Hallem, CEO of Coverity.
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RE[6]: FreeBSD beat Linux 2.6.9
by Anonymous on Wed 20th Jul 2005 16:42 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: FreeBSD beat Linux 2.6.9"
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Remember that it was you that setup the standard of proof with this precise but (based on your backing down) "buggy" sentence, directly quoted, and you didn't provide a qualifier that it was for AIX/BSD or operating systems code:

"Open source apps definitely have fewer statically identifiable problems than does proprietary software."

It is important to remember that even though a lot of people that read OS News can't program their way out a of a virtual wet paper bag, many of the readers of OS News (they must read it for the same reason that people slow down and gawk at fatal car wrecks along the highway!) use language precisely for a living, whether it is human or computer language. Perhaps next time you will do a static check of your prose for semantics before you press the "Submit comment" button in the page ;)

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