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Windows has some interesting information on Windows Server 2003 Compute Cluster Edition. It is 64bit only, and consists of 2 CD's. They also posted a set of screenshots.
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RE: MPlayer and MSN
by Milo_Hoffman on Thu 7th Jul 2005 00:42 UTC
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>Oh... and am I the only one to find the idea of a cluster server with MPlayer and MSN ludicrous?

They do this on all their "Server" products.

The fact is that Windows is just a DESKTOP PC operating system attempting to be shoehorned into a server role. In all my years of working with Windows Server products, I have always been struck by the sheer baffling amount of things that make me think "THIS WAS designed for a DESKTOP, by DESKTOP programmers".

Many of the problems with using Windows as a server can be traced back to the fact that its just an overblown desktop OS that was not written to be a server from the start (eg requires a GUI to be running at all times consuming huge amounts of cpu/memory for no reason when locked in a closet, the fact that it just had a completely shitty scripting shell etc). Windows just screams over and over again, Im a DESKTOP, Im a DESKTOP, Im a DESKTOP. This was very early Windows NT Server which was a total joke, and to this day I still can't believe people actually used that crapola for a server as much as we did. Many other things in Microsofts server OS's scream desktop or at best they screem as being designed for a 10person office, stuff like netbios networking, and WINS just were a joke when trying to scale them in the enterprise.

Compare that to Linux/Nix where you have an operating system designed to be a server and now people are trying to make it a desktop...sort of the opposite of the Windows situation.

Quite interesting how these 2 designs are both coming from totally opposite ends of the world and are now competing in the middle.

Which one will win out in the end?? The desktop who grew up to be a server, or the server who learned how to be a desktop?

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