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Linux Asa Dotzler, from the Mozilla foundation, has just written an interesting analysis describing why Linux is not ready for desktops yet, and suggests four main categories that must be addressed to improve this.
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nice try
by netpython on Wed 20th Jul 2005 18:05 UTC
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A user should be able to install Fedora Core 4 and go grab the latest Firefox release from and have it work without the need for finding and installing compat-libstdc++ or whatever.

Bullsh..,the user only has to download a *.tar.gz,unzip it in some folder in his/her home directory and run ./firefox-installer and link the icon.Now how easier can it be than that i ask you?

A poster allready mentioned it in some other thread:usage doesn't come free with any other OS either,you have to get familiar with the basics.This is true for Linux,OSX and a lot of other OS's windows incl.

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