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Morphos Genesi has announced a new product this weekend. "The Genesi Home Media and Communication System is built on the PegasosPPC platform, utilising the Freescale G4 processor for outstanding media performance. Enclosed in a fully aluminium case which will fit in with your existing Hi-Fi amplifier or TV, and featuring a VFD status display under mirrored acrylic glass." Software-wise, the machine will only feature open-source software. Genesi also made the EFIKA 5K2 available.
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hmc.. beia
by _df_ on Sun 4th Dec 2005 15:03 UTC
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genesi have all these wonderfull expensive ideas... i remember a wonderful idea.. BEIA! I remember what happened to that too...

2500? esch. do genesi/b-plan do any kind of targeting? do they research an idea before announcing a really expensive product??

just wondering....

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