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SkyOS "The general feeling that SkyOS gives is... Simply great! A lot of work done under the hood seems to be paying back with a solid, responsive operating system. It scales very nicely, opening up a lot of OpenGL demos and other applications at once doesn't seem to affect stability, however it is currently very resource hungry (600MB RAM usage and up isn't anything strange while using Firefox, Gaim and having a few more apps open). Let us not forget that this is a debug build. It is completely usable and boots blazingly fast (~15 seconds from GRUB to desktop) though." My take: The best change? The new versioning scheme. Really.
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RE[3]: I'm confused...
by ferrix on Sun 4th Dec 2005 22:55 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: I'm confused..."
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> in which areas do you see SkyOS as ahead of Syllable?

Just in the area of actual useability as a desktop, due largely to porting some GTK apps, as you mentioned. Just as an example, SkyOS *has* useable (and standard) web browser, functional Email, and now even a web server. Syllable's browser situation is not pretty at all, while native email program is in very early development and although I think there was a port of Apache for Syllable early on, I suspect it is no longer functional.

I do realise Syllable (and Haiku) teams take an approach of building solid system fundations first, and adding apps later. I also agree that developing native apps is preferable in a way to just porting Unix ones. However the fact remains, as it stands now, SkyOS is the most useable one.

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