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Intel "Intel was surprisingly talkative when it came to future technologies and products this year. As a result, most of the technical audience is up to date regarding the upcoming micro architecture based on the 65 nm Merom design. We discovered that all of these announcements are the top of a hot iceberg only, because the chip firm intends to deliver almost 20 new processor designs within the next eight quarters; all for the sole purpose of dominating the desktop, mobile and enterprise segments."
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RE: Not impressed with Intel
by Brendan on Mon 5th Dec 2005 16:27 UTC in reply to "Not impressed with Intel"
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"Think about it, look at all the room in a computer, a laptop even, there's plenty of space in there to put dozens of cool chips, but no, they want to hog all the space with a giant heat sink water cooling apparatus."

That's because most software still isn't designed to handle multi-CPU well. One 3 GHz CPU will perform better than four 2 GHz CPUs (when 3 of those CPUs are idle and the CPU that is doing something has the extra overhead of SMP synchronization).

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