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Games "When you've been anticipating something for a long time you often find yourself disappointed when you finally see/touch/use it - that won't happen with the Xbox 360. Microsoft has succeeded in pushing back the boundaries of gaming, and bringing media playback and streaming functionality into your living room. The big question is whether you should spend your money on a 360, and the simple answer is YES!"
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That wasn't a review
by hauger on Mon 5th Dec 2005 22:29 UTC
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Wow. I actually waded through that. It was written much in the style expected from an overly caffinated PR worker. Seriously, everything was "amazing", "fantastic", or "a stroke of genious" and some aspects (the external PSU) makes the reviewers "wife happier!". It wasn't until the very last page that gripes were written about.

Oh, and "One of the big selling points of the 360 is the High Definition output, although it will work on a standard TV. That said, if you're planning on buying an 360 and connecting it up via composite video, you'll be wasting your money." This guy must have mad money pouring out of the bank.....I'm not too sure how many people in the mass market currently have an HD capable television set, but I'd wager that most buying this thing are, as the reviewer said, wasting their money.

Really, this article reads more as a promo-pamphlet than a review. Come on Register....your usually MUCH better than that.

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