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Games "When you've been anticipating something for a long time you often find yourself disappointed when you finally see/touch/use it - that won't happen with the Xbox 360. Microsoft has succeeded in pushing back the boundaries of gaming, and bringing media playback and streaming functionality into your living room. The big question is whether you should spend your money on a 360, and the simple answer is YES!"
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RE[4]: don't waste your money
by Jack Burton on Tue 6th Dec 2005 13:06 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: don't waste your money"
Jack Burton
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"Sure there is. More detailed textures, HDR, better pixel shading. Little things like that will provide more crisp and realistic graphics, which if used properly, can provide a better gaming experience. There WILL be good games coming out for EVERY system. To think otherwise is pure ignorance."

You have to be very young, and you obviously missed some ages of the video game history. Otherwise I couldn't explain how you could think that better graphics = better gaming experience. Gameplay doesn't depend on graphics or presentation, and when the developers spend so much time on the presentation, they have less time to spend on other things.

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