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Games "When you've been anticipating something for a long time you often find yourself disappointed when you finally see/touch/use it - that won't happen with the Xbox 360. Microsoft has succeeded in pushing back the boundaries of gaming, and bringing media playback and streaming functionality into your living room. The big question is whether you should spend your money on a 360, and the simple answer is YES!"
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by Jimmy on Tue 6th Dec 2005 15:30 UTC
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This holiday season, my girlfriend wanted to know what I wanted for Christmas. I decided to go towards a new video game system, since we were getting tired of PS2 and our old SNES.

I myself had preordered a Xbox360 base system, for $299 and picked it up the day of release, only to put it on eBay the same night and get $614 for it (some xmas spending money)

Anyway, I bought the Xbox360 for the profit, not for games. In contrast, I am getting a Gamecube bundle (for Christmas, of course ;) for less than $100 that has;

the system, its hookups, two controllers, (since when did a system come with two controllers? not since the 16 bit days!) a microphone, and the new Mario Party game. She also picked up a few of the fantastic 1st party titles that were in the players choice ($20).

In the end, on Christmas we are going to have a wonderful time, because we won't be sharing a single controller, and we are going to actually have some fun games to play with.

Sure, the Xbox360 has its fans, but I know I can't be one. I bought an Xbox360 with the intention of earning a profit, which I did. I don't have $400 to buy a complete console, another $60 just for a game, and finally a staggering $50 so a friend can play. That is a lot of money, especially when you have to worry about whether or not the system is going to crash or not.

In the end, sure the Xbox 360 is great if you are a big fan, with a lot of money, but the $99 GameCube bundle is one hell of a deal.

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