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Graphics, User Interfaces Here is a test concerning NVIDIA SLI on Linux (in this case, OpenSUSE 10.0 OSS). "With our previous article that we published moments ago, demonstrating the performance of the GeForce 7800GTX 256MB under Linux with the 1.0-8174 Rel80 drivers that were finally released today, there's no disputing that the Windows XP NVIDIA ForceWare users can generally see a significantly higher frame-rate with the same hardware components, in addition to other features that aren't yet supported by the proprietary NVIDIA Linux drivers. However, how do NVIDIA's initial Rel80 Linux drivers (1.0-8174) fair in the world of Scalable Link Interface?"
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by Brendan on Wed 7th Dec 2005 00:57 UTC
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IMHO the problem isn't patents or support, but it's consumers. If no-one bought a video card unless it had OSS drivers then video card manufacturers wouldn't have much choice but to release documentation.

Consumers are a bit too thick though. A theoretically fast video card with a crappy driver doesn't perform as well as a slower card with full 2D/3D accelerator and bit blit support.

Anyway, three cheers for Intel (who do release full documentation for their video, including 2D and 3D accelerators and everything else, for everyone in the world to download)...

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