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IBM IBM is adopting OpenDocument Format for the first generally available release of its network-based collaboration and office productivity suite. IBM said Sunday its Workplace Managed Client 2.6, due in early 2006, would adopt ODF so users could easily share files and information. The Workplace Managed Client is currently available on a limited capacity, with more than one million deployed seats.
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RE[12]: Code?
by shotsman on Wed 7th Dec 2005 16:48 UTC in reply to "RE[11]: Code?"
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So Mr Anonymous,
Please explain without going into a rant exactly how the Developers Sun employes to work on Open Office are from the Developers RedHat employ to work on parts of the Linux Kernel?
Both are contribting to OSS software.

You do seem to have a big hang up over RedHat. Please sit down, take a vallium and try to get over your addiction unless of course you happen to work for a company with a big vested interest in slagging off RedHat.
They( RedHat) only make money from selling support & training related to code which is OSS. Please explain why that is such a bad business model. All the code they cotribute to OSS IS FREE to one and all. It costs me nothing, zilch, nowt, nada, nil. Please tell me what is wrong with that?
Finally, please explain what is wrong with RedHat buying some close source application and then making it OSS as they have done with the former Netscape Directory Server.
Before you start pointing a finger, I don't work for RedHat so don't ask. I work for myself. I am the CEO of a Software Consultancy who promotes OSS Software wherever possible and charges for my services. Oh Darn it, I have just realised that I sort of follow the same business model as RedHat. I suppose I'm now cursed forever in your eyes.

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