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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "When looking at desktop Linux by itself, any analysis of the subject quickly leads to this question: why do users choose one version over another? There are as many answers for this question as there are users to give them, but ultimately it should boil down to just a few key decisions which must be made. Considering this, it may be surprising to some people to find out how successful Ubuntu Linux has been relative to other distributions."
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RE[2]: Easy - it's about "hype"
by OMRebel on Wed 7th Dec 2005 18:31 UTC in reply to "RE: Easy - it's about "hype""
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"What hype?" The hype is referring to all of the "fanboys" that are going nuts over it, via "word of mouth". Not to mention article after article being written about Ubuntu/KUbuntu.

"What marketing?" Do you not consider giving away free CD's marketing? That is marketing, and it really is good marketing. I've got a couple and given a few away to people.

However, I stand by my statement that there is not anything special about the distro. Personally, it wouldn't install on two of my machines (1 desktop and 1 laptop). The Live CD ran fine, but the install died on both for some reason. Ubuntu and Linspire are the only two that refused to install on my laptop, whereas, Ubuntu is the only one that would not install on my desktop. I've tried Mandriva, Fedora Core, Suse, Knoppix (would have figured Ubuntu would have installed fine because both are Debian based, are they not?), Linspire, and Slackware, and all installed fine on my desktop. Suse is my distro of choice, simply because it is the most polished, and has the best hardware detection (in my experience).

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