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GNU, GPL, Open Source "Of all the myths that have grown up around open source software, perhaps the most pervasive is Eric Raymond's aphorism that 'Many eyes make bugs shallow', suggesting that if lots of people can view a program's source code, they will find and fix its errors more quickly than commercial products whose code is jealously guarded. The only problem with this is that it's not true - certainly not in one of the flagship projects of open source, OpenOffice."
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FOSS - OOo vs MS Office
by pjafrombbay on Fri 9th Dec 2005 06:59 UTC
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The real issue here is the complexity of the two systems. OOo is making the same mistake as Microsoft in copying the same 'feature set' that MS Office provides - a feature set that most users simply don't need. I believe that simpler software will produce more reliable software.

OOo ought to look at alternatives such as Atlantis/Nova ( or AbiWord for good quality 'simple' word processing software. Gnumetric and JPS Development's GS-Calc ( - which is shareware are similar options for a spreadsheet.

Follow the old addage - keep it simple stupid!


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