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X11, Window Managers A developer meeting strengthens a Linux desktop alliance that could lead to better leverage with hardware vendors and more cross-distribution efforts such as the newly created Portland Project.
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I wish people would stop this useless bickering about which is better/popular KDE or GNOME. Such lame arguements portray the opensource community as fragmented and make it harder to convince people to make the switch from the poprietary world because we are just seen as a bunch of zealots who can't agree about anything. Opensource is all about choice and the presence of KDE, GNOME and other DEs or WMs provides healthy competition for developers of these projects and the community as a whole.

GNOME is popular in the states and KDE is popular elsewhere, does it really matter? The KDE vs GNOME debate is really tired and people keep repeating the same old arguements. Lets be honest and admit that there will never be a single Linux/Unix desktop as long as there are people using opensource because we are so diverse and have different preferences. When the devs and other interested parties work together, then this is a good thing because it shows that people from various opensource projects can work together on common ground even though their ultimate objectives may be different.

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