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Hardware, Embedded Systems The race is on to produce four-core processors for PCs. Intel, which is readying a bevy of dual-core chips for release in systems in the next month, is already plotting a move to quad cores, which some reports have said could come as soon as early 2007. AMD has already discussed a plan to begin offering a family of four-core chips in 2007, whereas Intel has only hinted about a four- core server chip thus far.
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Time to bury Moore's law?
by Wondercool on Fri 9th Dec 2005 13:45 UTC
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I think it is time to bury Moore's law.

Processor speed hasn't progressed in 2 years.
But processing power hasn't gone up in significantly.

Manufacturers are trying a lot, especially multi-core, but let's face it, no biggies last 2 years...

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