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OSNews, Generic OSes Parallels Workstation 2.0 has been released. From the press release: "After months of focused research, development and testing, Parallels today announced the immediate general availability of Parallels Workstation 2.0, the world's first hypervisor-powered desktop virtualization solution."
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RE: What do you do with it?
by fretinator on Fri 9th Dec 2005 16:26 UTC in reply to "What do you do with it?"
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Obviosuly I don't need it or I'd know. But what would you do with multiple desktop systems that can be worth $49?

1. Develop Windows apps while using Linux as my base OS (stability).
2. Create test images for deployment (to refresh the test image, just copy it over again)
3. Setup separate development environments (VB6, VS.Net 2003, VS.NET 2005, SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005).
4. Test out new OS's, like Solaris, NetBSD, etc
5. Run Legacy apps that require DOS, Win 3.1 or Windows 9X that won't run on XP.
6. Create server images for Postgresql, Mysql, Oracle without installing them on you hard drive.

Etc, etc, etc!!

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