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Apple The company expressed concern that to the extent its minority market share has caused software developers to question Apple's prospects in the PC space, developers could be less inclined to develop software for Apple products, and instead feel more inclined to devote their resources to developing software for the larger Windows market or growing Linux market. Here is the 10-K form in question.
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1) GNU/Linux system will report beeing windows when asked by statistics or web query , why ? Microsoft product tends to not support them at all , they dont even properly support there own backward versions.

Tell me of one linux distribution that does that by default. Firefox on my debian box surely reports itself as Linux.

2) Its a poll of **some** participating sites its not the majority of sites that report to it at all.

You will be surprised, but this is true for all surveys.

3) Globally , I dont think this poll reach 15% of the English online community , forget about the rest.

I'm sure your numbers are very accurate.

- Statistics are meaningless if theyre not from me
Marketshare are meaningless if there not from me
I am going to use what is best for me or whats availaible


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