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OSNews, Generic OSes Virtualization allows you to have multiple "virtual machines," each with its own operating systems running in a sandbox, shielded from each other, all in one physical machine. Each virtual machine shares a common set of hardware, unaware that it is also being used by another virtual machine at the same time. More here.
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Other Vmware features.
by Drumhellar on Sun 11th Dec 2005 01:36 UTC
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There is an important feature of VMware Workstation that wasn't in the article. Memory that a guest OS isn't using can be allocated for other processes, so a guest configured with 512MB of memory won't neccesarily use that much. Plus, as of 5.5, VMware supports 64-bit host OS's.

Also worth mentioning, VMware ESX is it's own independent virtualization environment, and doesn't run on a host OS.

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