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General Development This article describes how to use Subversion with the Eclipse IDE. In particular, it examines the installation and use of the Subclipse plug-in. Along the way, I also show you how to use the resulting configuration to modify or extend the Subclipse plug-in itself.
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RE: Source Safe
by emarkp on Sun 11th Dec 2005 07:57 UTC in reply to "Source Safe"
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We just moved our project from VSS to SVN, using vss2svn. It's phenomenal. Our productivity has increased dramatically as we're able to easily branch and merge.

Additionally it's trivial to look at a source file and find out who made a change and when (using svn blame), which helps us track down ripple bugs.

And our build process is vastly simpler. Because of the atomic operations, we don't have to warn of a build and worry that a dev might accidentally do something that will screw things up mid-build.

Also, using http and dav, we're able to give restricted permissions to a remote group, which allows them to work better and safer.

We use the excellent TortoiseSVN plugin for windows. I'll take a look at the Eclipse plugin.

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