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Linux "These machines are the ultimate in small form factor, trading power and performance for size, portability and convenience. The navigation of this tradeoff is of paramount concern: give up too much power, and the device is useless; too little, and it'll be inconveniently large. I've taken a look at how two products, The BlackDog Pocket Linux Server and the Waysmall 200BT, navigate these waters."
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The Waysmall and Tor
by Calvin on Sun 11th Dec 2005 12:06 UTC
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I was thinking of getting a couple waysmalls (actually gumstix and building a custom case) and running a tor router, or simular public good application, and letting them run on my home and work networks. Just a 'geek-fun' way of contributing to the world. If they had an ultra low power version that could be powered by ethernet that would be even better.

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