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Amiga & AROS Various bits of news from the AmiZilla front. "Firstly, oli has finished his GTK->MUI AROS Bounty. Also, OS4 people have ported the the GTK->MUI emulation layer from AmigaOS3.1 to AmigaOS4." Other than that, the AmiZilla project will be recieving help from a group of students from King's College (London) as part of their practical coursework. "AmiZilla has been split up into individual projects for them- as we have five students, we have added in creating a GTK->Reaction layer to AmigaOS4, and maybe porting AmiZilla to MorphOS and AROS, as well as the AmigaOS 3.1 target."
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RE: What about KHTML/WebKit?
by Vanders on Mon 12th Dec 2005 09:34 UTC in reply to "What about KHTML/WebKit?"
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IIRC Syllable has an outdated and deprecated KHTML port

The KHTML engine in ABrowse was updated about six months ago. The big struggle is keeping the Qt->Syllable wrappers upto date and functional enough to work with KHTML. I wouldn't recomend trying to use KHTML in it's current state on a non-Qt platform, and I was actually a little surprised when Apple chose it over Gecko. While Gecko may rely on GTK/GDK it isn't tied to it anywhere near as badly as KHTML is tied to Qt.

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