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Windows Microsoft's forthcoming Longhorn operating system places great emphasis on locking down PCs to prevent unauthorised access to hardware and software, the software giant revealed today.
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by ma_d on Thu 7th Jul 2005 02:25 UTC in reply to "Well"
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Do you honestly believe you can brute force an encrypted file system? We're not talking about a bad 40-bit keyed algorithm here. My understanding is that these chips are just hardware implementations of common encryption routines like AES.
Let's say you have a disk that you stole, you don't have the password because it wasn't written on the guys laptop that you found/stole. So, you try guessing passwords: How long do you think it's gonna take you to get it assuming he didn't use "god," "love," or "sex?"

I think Windows XP already has encrypted filesystem though; they're just "slow" because the cpu has to do the work.
Well worth the speed costs if your work is sensitive.

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