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Gnome "GOK is the GNOME On-Screen Keyboard. As the title implies, it is a keyboard that appears on the display as an alternative for those who are not able to use a regular keyboard. This report highlights some general usability issues with GOK as it appears in Ubuntu (5.10). Some of the issues highlighted here may be bugs (In which case I will file them), while others will be design features that I have not grasped the purpose of (most likely in support of hardware that I do not have). Some of the issues highlighted here will relate to the general GNOME a11y infrastructure and some may be related to the way things are set up on Ubuntu."
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RE: GOK may be past its prime.
by mjg59 on Tue 13th Dec 2005 01:44 UTC in reply to "GOK may be past its prime."
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Having spent a year working on turning Dasher from a research project into a useful piece of software, and doing the Gnome integration work, plus spending a significant period of time working with people who need accessibility software: Dasher is fantastically useful for a certain set of users, but many disabled users are also unable to deal with situations which require continuous input or input that's related to timing. GOK provides that. Dasher's a wonderful piece of software, and I hope it becomes more widespread. But it really doesn't solve all the problems that GOK tackles.

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