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Microsoft "Though most people don't know it, Microsoft has, not one, but two new operating systems that it is working on. The first, Vista, many people have heard of. Currently scheduled to ship just after the second coming of Christ, Vista has garnered most of the spotlight. However there is another OS lurking in the basement in Redmond and its name is Singularity (.pdf). So what does Singularity look like? A joke, at least at first glance. But taking a moment to analyze the situation I came up with some interesting observations which I will now share with you."
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Opinion piece...
by DrillSgt on Tue 13th Dec 2005 08:18 UTC
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"What they most definitely wouldn’t choose is Windows. An embedded system, just like a server, needs an OS to be stable and reliable, neither of which are areas that Windows is very good at."

Actually this is quite a funny statement. It is not the OS to blame for security, but the admins. Windows is just as stable if administered correctly. Stable does not have to do with rebooting after a patch, but whether it can handle the load placed against it. I am a sysadmin, and from my experience it is the lack of training for admins that makes ANY os insecure and unstable. I have not seen a "Blue Screen" since Windows 98SE. For servers I have not seen one just crash to crash since NT 4.0, unless it is administered poorly. For embedded, I have had to reset Palm OS devices more then Windows CE devices. Obviously the author lacks experience in what he is writing about.

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