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Amiga & AROS The Amiga. A platform with a history. Today, we are reviewing Amiga Forever, which was kindly provided by Cloanto, its manufacturer. The question I tried to answer during the usage of Amiga Forever was: does it have anything to offer to OS enthousiasts today? Of course Amiga Forever offers great functionality for Amiga fans, but what about the rest of us? Can Amiga Forever cater to more people than just Amiga fans?
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RE: Amiga is history
by Sigfrodi on Tue 13th Dec 2005 17:52 UTC in reply to "Amiga is history"
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IMHO, most people who buy AF want to find back a computer they loved some time ago, to play Shadow of the Beast or Battle Squadron and to use DOpus or DPaint again, just for the fun... and it is much less expensive than a real Amiga 1200 (at least in my country) though of course a real Amiga is better... Not to use it for daily tasks. So that AOS is "ugly" (which is a personal point of view... I find OS3 to be a very beautiful OS for its time and there are many tools to enhance it) and that it doesn't have memory protection is not important at all... After all, Guru Meditation is part of the legend :p

Beside, AmigaForever is not only AOS. It is a fully configured WinUAE with a quite polished Workbench... Although it has made tremendous progress, WinUAE is still a pretty difficult emulator to use and setting up a Workbench like in AF requires time and knowledge of the OS... Few people have both these ressources...

Of course there are free emulation packs, but most of them do not include the Kickstart and the Workbench ADFs required to fully use the system.

Finally, buying AF is supporting Amiga Inc, for Cloanto only has a licence for AOS...

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