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Java Sun may have streamlined its Java development process and intensified its marketing around the openess of the programming language and platform, but some smaller partners are still not happy.
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I want Java open sourced...
by the_trapper on Thu 7th Jul 2005 03:16 UTC
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I would like Java to be open sourced in a non-restrictive manner so that I can run it flawlessly on alternative platforms. People seem to forget that there are more OSes out there than just Windows/Linux/MacOS X/(Open)Solaris.

I personally would like to be able to run recent versions of Java reliably on the BSDs.

I'm sure platforms like Syllable and the BeOS clones such as Haiku would also greatly benefit from a reliable and complete open sourced Java.

On a positive note, GCJ and ClassPath are coming along very nicely and I am extemely impressed. They are already quite usable for some people.

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