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Debian and its clones When we speak of Debian Linux distribution, the number one thing that come into our minds is its flag-ship utility apt-get . Infact this package management is so popular that a large part of Debian's popularity revolves around it. Ask any person why he or she thinks Debian is a better distribution and in 7 out of 10 cases the answer will be apt-get. Here is a consice but very complete article on using apt-get and dpkg the backend for apt-get.
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Synaptic etc.
by oxleyn on Wed 14th Dec 2005 12:43 UTC
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I've never once used Synaptic as I would find a GUI-based APT tool to be cumbersome when compared to the likes of apt-get.

I have indeed experienced problems when using both apt-get and Aptitude so I find using Aptitude to search for the package in the first place (if I don't know the name already!) and then carry out the installation via apt-get. I know I can use apt-cache to search but I'm just lazy that way ;-)

As for using APT with other distro's, I find they just don't quite work as well as a distro where APT is the native package manager. Still, it's always nice to have the option available and all I can say is a big thank you to all the hard working developers out there that make APT what it is; an excellent, easy to use tool that rarely breaks.

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