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Editorial Today, we cannot know if people would still buy Microsoft products because the government protects the monopoly. What percentage of the market would Microsoft have in a fair market? The only way we can answer that last question is to stop manufacturers from preloading Windows. Until then, we do not have a free market. Microsoft has no way to prove itself otherwise, says LXer.
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Two things need to happen...
by rklrkl on Thu 15th Dec 2005 01:12 UTC
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I think the only way the playing field can be levelled is if these two unlikely events happen:

1. Microsoft make it *impossible* (without major hackery at least) to install a pirated copy of Windows. At the moment, they have a corporate version that doesn't require product activation and hence is pirated like crazy amongst both home and business users. Microsoft turn a blind eye to this (despite what they might publicly say), because a pirated Windows install is better for them than an alternative OS such as Linux being used instead.

2. Major OEMs should offer PCs either with no OS (and hence *no* OS or software support whatsoever - the user can only get support for hardware faults if they buy the machine with no OS) or with Windows included. There should be an appropriate price difference between the two (it doesn't have to be the full price diff - offer the diff at half the price of buying retail XP separately - cut-price bundle deals are fine, providing you can also buy a standalone (no OS) deal too).

If these two steps took place (and they really don't look like happening in the short-term future), I think you'd see a sharper rise in Linux uptake. Remember that Dell do something like like this for their server range already (and will even ship Linux pre-installed as well if you want it), so it's not impossible to see it happening on the desktop side as well. Heck, Dell *do* support Linux (on servers) - see

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