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Editorial Today, we cannot know if people would still buy Microsoft products because the government protects the monopoly. What percentage of the market would Microsoft have in a fair market? The only way we can answer that last question is to stop manufacturers from preloading Windows. Until then, we do not have a free market. Microsoft has no way to prove itself otherwise, says LXer.
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You're just a mouth if you don't know that Linux is far superior to anything Microsoft makes...anything.

Depends. I work for a very large company and we have everything from old school cray super computers to PDAs deployed and for some things yes windows is the better choice. For others it might be linux, or it might be AIX, HP/UX or Solaris (we use them all)

Windows stopped our warships in the middle of the ocean and had to be rebooted. Linux runs 256 node sonar arrays in nuclear subs and never needs rebooting.

Yeah and a mis-calculation in a piece of embedded firmware made the patriot missile system fail in the late nineties (it wasn't running windows) WTF is your point ?

Give Linux the multi-media pieces Microsoft and Apple has monopolized and you'd see a completely different story.

We might in another 10 years unless you feel that linux is out of the race ?

Windows is XP - 1995 NT stolen from DEC. It's half baked garbage. Everything else ran on DOS - which was never meant to run more than one program at a time -NEVER!!!!!!!

I'm sure that David Cutler and the other engineers that MS HIRED would argue with you there but I guess they have better things to do then post on these forums. lol.

Microsoft wouldn't have any business if Bill's faher wasn't an attorney.

lol where did you pull this from? oh thats right... YOUR ASS

UNIX could have made it if the sellers weren't so greedy.

Made it where ? It was never marketed as a desktop OS until recently.

The Internet doesn't run on Windows, it runs on UNIX, Linux and BSD.

Considering that every computer connected IS THE INTERNET and I'd be willing to bet the net is utilizing windows as a whole more than any other OS.

Anything else youu have to say is pathetic and lacking of an informed opinion.

I'm sorry I replied. Not because you are such an informed uber geek, but mostly because you are a waste of my time.

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