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Editorial Today, we cannot know if people would still buy Microsoft products because the government protects the monopoly. What percentage of the market would Microsoft have in a fair market? The only way we can answer that last question is to stop manufacturers from preloading Windows. Until then, we do not have a free market. Microsoft has no way to prove itself otherwise, says LXer.
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RE[3]: ok?
by Bit_Rapist on Thu 15th Dec 2005 07:54 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: ok?"
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If they decide to bundle something else, there is usual a clause in the agreement that states that the cost of Microsoft Windows goes from $5 each to $150 etc. Remember Dell a few years ago?

Post some links with the figures. I'm always curious.

Of course to a degree I have no doubt this happens. Seems to happen in every industry I've ever worked.

Microsoft uses every single dirty tactic in the book to discourage and force hardware vendors to ONLY preload Microsoft Windows on desktop PCs and laptops.

None of that changes the fact that for desktop use Linux distros largely suck. If there was real money in pre-installing Linux then vendors would do it despite MS.

If you want true freedom, make Microsoft port Office to Linux, BSD etc. Go on. See what starts to happen then.

In regards to what ?

And don't give me any bullshit that there's not enough users to justify porting it to Linux or BSD, cos that's just crap. There are fewer Apple users worldwide than Linux users, yet Microsoft can manage to port Office to the OS X platform. What gives?

Well lets see... some of the core applications that make up office actually came out on the mac first.

MS was supporting the mac before windows ever shipped.

Supporting apple has payoffs for MS as I'm sure they collaborate on some level.

Its profitable venture that continued to bring in revenue without threatening the windows market.

in short there is probably no business case for MS to support a version of office on Linux.

Microsoft has a monopoly, has abused it, has long since abused it, and continues to abuse it, despite being found guilty. It's plainly obvious that the US government is not going to punish Microsoft for any of these infringements, purely because of monetary greed - the loss of income to the US economy would cause it to collapse!

How would there be a loss of income to the US economy ?

Will everyone start buying a distro of Linux that was compiled in china or something ?

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