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Microsoft Microsoft is facing an uphill battle to push copies of Office 2003 on customers and its ISV partner ecosystem, ahead of next year's predicted launch of Office 12.
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Someone mentioned support...
by Milo_Hoffman on Thu 21st Jul 2005 19:24 UTC
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I always found it interesting that Microsoft seems to want NOTHING to do with supporting their products.

I would think that once everyone already has your product then support services would be the way to get continuing cash flow as result of those sales.

Thats the way everyone else does it.

Its very curious Microsoft has such shitty software support and is really only geared towards large corporate accounts and don't offer much for home users, small/med businesses.

Pawning all their software support "costs" onto people like Dell, HP etc. by telling people to call them might just come back and bite them in the ass by not having the ability to get this revenue stream.

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