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General Unix A new study on the major players in the Unix server market has declared IBM the clear customer favorite and brought to light some serious issues with Sun Microsystems' product line. Most alarmingly for Sun, the company appears to have lost its cachet as the dominant Unix player and done so while alienating customers. Sun finished last in almost every one of the Gabriel Consulting Group survey's categories, spanning technology performance, customer satisfaction and software tools.
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Open Source != Profits
by AndrewZ on Thu 15th Dec 2005 22:00 UTC
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"Sun opensourced Openoffice and Opensolaris, and Glassfish, and Looking Glass, and Opengrok, and a lot of parts of java, and netbeans, and gridengine, and... , seems like you are the one that should be waking up, I doubt any company in the world contributed as much as Sun did to the opensource
I wouldn't pay much attention to these kinds of studies as it is probably funded by IBM borrowing one of the tricks of can you guess who?"

This is all nice and dandy for open source as an ideology but these open source moves don't tend to make a company a lot of money. in fact, sometimes open sourcing is a way for a company to farm out support to the community. That's what CA did with Ingres, and what IBM is doing with Cloudscape/Derby.

Open sourcing all these projects is Sun's way of gaining credibility in the OS community, not a way of making money.

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