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Java IBM has begun participating in open-source Java project Harmony and intends to contribute code to the initiative, according to a Big Blue executive.
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RE[2]: No surprise here
by segedunum on Thu 21st Jul 2005 22:06 UTC in reply to "RE: No surprise here"
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And... Sun will still contoll Java, which is just fine with me.

Well they'll certainly control their version of Java, but Apache has such mindshare and infrastructure aound Java that if (and when) this J2SE implementation gets up and running it could well turn out to be the reference Java platform. That could certainly be the case if open source projects can use it and redistribute it in the same way that they can with Apache software today.

Sun would certainly have their fears allayed about an open source version of Java fragmenting things. There would be one reference implementation, and it would be Apache's simply because everyone would be using it.

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