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Linux The Open Source Development Labs has voiced cautious optimism that its latest initiative could finally herald a mass-market for Linux on the desktop. OSDL is pushing ahead with Project Portland, to develop a common set of core technical requirements for Linux and open source software on the desktop, following a meeting of 47 companies and organizations it hosted earlier this month. Portland has identified a core set of areas, spanning the interface, plug-and-play, drivers and the kernel, that OSDL members will flesh out.
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But don't worry too much. If the app is interesting, it will be available for your distribution in an easy to install package -- we should adopt this tested and tried mechanism once and for all.

Is Open Office 2.0 final popular on linux? I can't seem to get the final current version for my distro and have been told to wait another six months before I can have an updated distro with the final Open Office 2.0 pre installed!

The same was said for Firefox 1.5 - I guess I should just install windows, as I can have all those programs up to date and current without waiting for another release of windows!

For example, there is the Debian world and there is the "other" world. At least in a Debian world you will have many packages in an easy to install way. Every distro would be advised to adopt the Debian packages once and for all. Or don't complain about lack of support for your platform.

Uhuh! Then I should uninstall Ubuntu(Doing it the Debian way) and use Debian? Would this give me updated programs without waiting 6 months?

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