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OpenBSD De Raadt's team makes OpenBSD, an operating system, and OpenSSH, for secure communications. Here, he talks about why he does it, about industry use of open-source software, and about dedication to quality paying off.
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"The "Open only" camp (if I may call them that) state that if it isnt open, we don't want it and we refuse to use it until there is an open solution."

You are missing one very important part of this argument. For many it isn't a difference in philosophy on Open vs Closed source, but an issue of creating a stable, reliable. portable system. Binary only drivers only work on the systems and platforms they are released for and bugs can only be fixed by the company/individual releasing the driver. In addition to this adopting binary only drivers provides hardware developers with no insentive to release specification and/or open source drivers.

I wasn't missing the point, in fact that was the point I was trying to get across. My statement was in regards to the fact that allowing binary only drivers can be viewed as a pro and a con. Pro being it makes the OS more "robust" (in the sense that it can support more hardware) but at what expense. I am just curious if the pros out-weight the cons.

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