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Windows "Microsoft will move the graphics for its next version of Windows outside of the operating system's kernel to improve reliability, the software giant has told Techworld. Vista's graphics subsystem, codenamed Avalon and formally known as the Windows Presentation Foundation, will be pulled out the kernel because many lock-ups are the result of the GUI freezing, Microsoft infrastructure architect Giovanni Marchetti told us exclusively yesterday."
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RE: How about linux
by SEJeff on Fri 16th Dec 2005 15:21 UTC in reply to "How about linux"
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Linux is NOT a microkernel. Andy Tannenbaum (the guy who wrote minix and is a college professor) told Linus Torvalds he would fail his class.

How often Mr. Anonymous, do the network drivers crash the system in Linux? I've been using it in mission critical servers in the travel industry (where I'm a systems admin) with 0 problems in the past few years.

Tell me 1 *real* operating system that has a TCP/IP stack outside of the kernel? As much as Andy touts it, minix is still just a toy. GNU/Hurd is a microkernel and look what it is now, a big flop.

On technical merits, a microkernel is superior to a monolithic one. On implementation and performance, a microkernel is too slow with increased latency to be practical for many applications.

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