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Java IBM has begun participating in open-source Java project Harmony and intends to contribute code to the initiative, according to a Big Blue executive.
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RE[3]: Why not Mono?
by unoengborg on Fri 22nd Jul 2005 00:32 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Why not Mono?"
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Except Mono is already interesting for many Gnome developers no matter how much __YOU__ hate Microsoft. Your opinions are irrelevant on the matter.

I guess that depend on how you define Gnome developer. If you mean people developing software for the Gnome platform that may be the case, but I doubt that we will see much mono based software in Gnome releases in the near future. Red Hat and Sun have too much influence on Gnome for this to happen.

And hating Microsoft doesn't enter into it. It is all about where the money is. The main competitor for free OSes like Linux is not Microsoft but other Unixes, most of them doesn't run .Net.

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