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SuSE, openSUSE "SUSE Linux 10.1 Alpha4 is ready for testing. New significant changes in 10.1 Alpha4 since 10.1 Alpha3: further integration of NetworkManager (note: NetworkManager is on by default on NLD/SUSE Linux and off on SLES); Updates to all parts of the system, especially new bash version (3.1), new Linux kernel (2.6.15 rc5), KDE 3.5 final, GNOME 2.12.2, and X.Org 6.9 rc3." Mirrors are here for the three supported architectures (x86, x86-64, and PPC).
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I agree with you, distrowatch stats don't really mean anything. Personally I think Ubuntu has done quite a lot to attract a lot of people to Desktop Linux but I also believe its just going through a popularity phase (sort of like Gentoo a few years ago). There is nothing in Ubuntu and related projects thats not available in other distros and once many users realise that Ubuntu is just hype and free cd's they may try other distros.

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