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Windows Windows testers will get a new beta version of Windows Vista, dubbed the December Community Technology Preview beta build, just before next week's holidays, according to tester scuttlebutt. New to the December release, testers say, will be a number of features and user-interface tweaks. a new defrag module; tight integration of Windows Defender (formerly known as Windows AntiSpyware); and a functional parental-controls filter are all rumored to be in the December Vista build.
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RE: Tought develpment
by leos on Sat 17th Dec 2005 19:42 UTC in reply to "Tought develpment"
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You have to realize that Microsoft's job is a hell of a lot harder than Apple's. Apple has no problem breaking all manner of applications to implement new features. I'm fine with that, and it sure encourages rapid progress, but it pisses off regular consumers. If you've ever worked in tech support you'll know what a nightmare each OS X upgrade is in terms of compatibility.

Microsoft has gone the compatibility route, going to great lengths to make sure every broken old application still works. I think it has gotten to a point where the overhead has severely hampered their ability to get anything done. Eventually you just have to drop compatibility for old technology to move forward. I think we're seeing a start of that in Vista.

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